How Can I Get A Deed To My House?

How Can I Get A Deed To My House
A deed is a record of the ownership of real property, such as land or a house. They are maintained by the Department of Land Records. Every county in Maryland and Baltimore City have a Land Records Department housed in the Circuit Court of their respective county.

In Indiana, how can I obtain a copy of my deed?

Our team can assist you with your quest for a copy of your deed or mortgage release/satisfaction from the Recorder’s office. However, we cannot do searches on your behalf. There are businesses that may call you and offer to deliver a copy of your deed for $60 or more.

Who holds the deeds to a property with a mortgage? When land and property are registered for the first time, the land registration maintains digital records. The originals are returned to the person who lodged them. If you are looking for your title deeds, they may be with the attorney who represented you when you acquired the property.

  1. If the property was already registered when you purchased it, the lawyers may not have the documentation.
  2. If the property has been purchased and sold several times, it may be difficult to locate the deeds.
  3. Typically, the mortgage lender retains the title deeds to a property with a mortgage.
  4. They will not be provided until the mortgage has been paid off in full.

However, copies of the deeds may be requested at any time.

  • Do you require your deeds?
  • If the property you possess is already registered with the land registration, you do not need the deeds to establish that you own the house. However, you may need them to explain the size and limits of your property.
  • Property Burdens
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Additionally, the title documents will contain a list of property responsibilities. These are any duties the owner has in relation to the property. Real estate responsibilities may include:

  1. Access and way rights
  2. There are restrictions on the land (such as using it to run a business)
  3. Restrictions on property alterations
  4. Any concerns regarding roads or paths traversing the property
  5. Changing title deeds

If the property is owned jointly and one person buys out the other, the title documents must be updated to reflect this change. To make modifications to a title deed, you must hire a lawyer to act on your behalf.

  • An inheritance of property
  • If you inherit a property from a relative, the relative’s attorney will often amend the title deeds to reflect the relative’s intentions.
  • If you have any concerns with a title deed or need amendments made, it is vital that you choose a highly qualified and experienced attorney to represent you.
  • For all inquiries about the acquisition of commercial property, please contact us for a free estimate.

Who holds the deeds to a property with a mortgage?

Are deeds open to the public in Indiana?

The Marion County Recorder’s Office keeps and makes available to the public permanent public records of property transactions between owners. Documents include titles, liens, mortgages, easements, as well as verified survey maps.