How Many Roofs Can You Put On A House?

How Many Roofs Can You Put On A House
Am I a Good Candidate for Roof Replacement? – There are circumstances that need a complete roof removal. As indicated previously, the law limits homeowners to two layers of roof shingles. If you already have two layers, you will require a complete tear-off.

Can there be three layers of shingles?

Can three layers of asphalt shingles be used on a roof? – No, three layers of asphalt shingles cannot be applied on a roof. For concerns of fire safety, asphalt shingles are restricted to a maximum of two thicknesses in most states. However, this does not preclude the existence of three- or four-layer roofs today.

  1. And some roofing contractors continue to put more layers.
  2. However, if you currently have two or more layers, a qualified roofing contractor will suggest a complete replacement.
  3. Now, if your present roof has only one layer of shingles, it may be possible to perform a nail-over roof replacement.
  4. Please note that the majority of roofs will not be suitable for a nail-over.

If your asphalt shingle roof is towards the end of its useful life and the shingles are in excellent condition (no raised or cracked shingles, blisters, or bumps), a nail-over may be an option. Additionally, the roof must have few penetrations, little flashing, and no walls that touch the shingles.

Your asphalt roof is around 20 years old; the lifespan of a roof is measured in years. That is 25 years for a normal 3-tab asphalt shingle roof. Assuming that your roof has been well vented and built, it should last close to 25 years. Consequently, you should replace your roof before it begins to leak or fails entirely.

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Is it OK to install new shingles over older ones?

Choosing a roof replacement strategy may be challenging for many homes. In most cases, roofing professionals will recommend a complete roof replacement, but in certain cases, a modest re-roofing work may be more appropriate. This will mostly rely on the age and quality of the current roof, as well as the general condition of the home.