How Much Does Home Security Cost?

How Much Does Home Security Cost
Cost of a Home Security System on Average

Item Average Cost
Security Equipment $199 – $399
Installation & Activation $0 – $199
Monthly Monitoring Services $25 – $50

How much does the installation of a security system cost?

Updated on 22 August 2022 Written by HomeAdvisor. The average cost to install an alarm system is $695, ranging from $280 to $1,109. In addition to installation, you must account for the cost of a basic equipment package that includes a control panel, sensors, and siren.

How do most thieves get in?

What do the majority of burglaries share? – Contrary to what we see on television, the majority of burglaries occur between 10 AM and 3 PM during the day. This chance presents itself when children are in school and adults are at work. The typical burglar prefers to commit a break-in while no one is home.

During the day, while neighbors are away on errands or working, it is also simpler to dodge nosy bystanders. Additionally, thieves are not masterminds. We like a good action film just as much as everyone else. Contrary to what Hollywood would have us think, however, the majority of thieves do not plot sophisticated schemes with a team of seasoned crooks.

In reality, the bulk of house invasions are motivated by opportunity. The majority of criminals will not go to extreme measures to break into your home. They select entryways where they are most likely to pass undetected. These are the most frequent entrance points for house intrusions: 34% of robbers twist the doorknob and enter through the front door.23% of intruders utilize a first-floor open window to enter a residence.22% of individuals enter through the rear entrance.9 percent of the population enter through the garage.4% select the basement as their place of entrance.