How Much Does It Cost To Build A Handicap Ramp?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Handicap Ramp
Normal range: $1,016 – $3,207. The average cost to construct a wheelchair ramp is $2,107, ranging from $400 for simple ramps to $5,400 for specialized designs. The average cost of constructing a wheelchair ramp is $2,107, with a range of $1,016 to $3,207.

How much would the installation of a ramp cost?

Position – The location of the ramp can frequently affect the pricing. Outdoor ramps require more resilient materials and are often longer, but inside ramps must be shorter and more transportable. Typically, an inside ramp costs between $200 and $2,000, while an outdoor ramp costs between $1,200 and $5,000.

How long does the installation of a wheelchair ramp take?

Install – Modular ramps offer several advantages to consumers, including rapid installation, plan flexibility, and simple repairs in the case the ramp is damaged. In addition, if the ramp is only required temporarily, such as during surgical recuperation, it may be removed without causing permanent damage to the property.

  • A National Ramp dealer will visit with you to evaluate your site, take measurements, and discuss the ramp’s purpose and requirements.
  • The dealer will supply you with a plan and estimate.
  • Following permission, an installation date is determined.
  • National Ramp provides the aluminum Latitude Series commercial ramp for all non-residential applications.

The Latitude series satisfies the necessary safety criteria for commercial use. At National Ramp, we have made every effort to minimize your wait time. National Ramp maintains our inventory in stock so that it can be dispatched the same day you make your order, and some of our dealers keep their warehouses supplied so that an installation date can be as soon as the following day, and in some situations, they can even install your ramp the same day! Today, configure your ramp.

  • We will link you with a dealer who will verify that you have the necessary materials to construct a safe ramp for your house and who can install the ramp for you in a safe and secure manner.
  • No, our modular ramps will not permanently modify your home and can be removed securely when they are no longer required.
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Once the ramp is installed, it becomes your property and you are free to remove and relocate it. We recommend calling the dealer who originally installed the ramp to examine your new property and perform the new installation, ensuring that the new ramp is safe to use and adding any necessary parts.

What is the formula for constructing a handicap ramp?

ADA Requirements – Understanding the ADA Requirements will allow you to comprehend the results of the Mobility Ramp Calculator. The Commercial Occupied Use ratio of 1:12 is the most often suggested slope for wheelchair ramps; however, in private households, the slope can be reduced to fit older structures and narrower areas.