How Much Value Does Granite Countertops Add To Home?

How Much Value Does Granite Countertops Add To Home
Five reasons granite increases the value of a home If you want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen with worktops made of granite or another form of natural stone, such as marble or travertine, you may be doing more than only improving the space’s aesthetics.

  1. Granite is the most preferred countertop material among homebuyers, and it may increase the value of your property while allowing you to recoup the cost of installation.
  2. Installing granite or another form of natural stone countertops might possibly improve the value of your property by up to 25 percent.

Here are five reasons why granite may increase the value of your home.

Which countertop provides the greatest value?

How Much Value Does Granite Countertops Add To Home Quartz – Recently, quartz or manmade stone has surpassed granite as the most preferred material for kitchen countertops. On the surface, natural stone may appear to have a higher resale value; however, this may be changing! Currently, granite, marble, travertine, soapstone, etc.

often provide more resale value. However, as we have seen, quartz is poised to take over! Quartz has gained appeal because it is more resilient, requires less care, is more customisable, is somewhat less costly, and is equally as attractive as granite. In either case, updating or remodeling your property will always increase its worth.

Whether that worth is in resale or in your increased affection for your house! If you are contemplating a countertop renovation or update, Which Countertop Increases the Value of a Home?

When it comes to selecting a house, individuals have varying tastes. Some individuals, for instance, like to construct a home from scratch and tailor every aspect to their taste. Others choose a house that is move-in ready. There are several aspects to consider before purchasing a property.

From neighboring facilities to the area itself, it can be difficult to find the appropriate property. The house’s general condition will determine whether or not it is worth the asking price. When things start to go wrong, purchasing a fixer-upper may seem like a good deal, but you may find yourself having to dig deeper into your pockets.406 Clearskies Quartz is the countertop material of choice in the majority of residences.

This is due to its various advantages, which include durability, ease of maintenance, a large range of color options, and simplicity of cleaning. It is not surprising that most people prefer these counters over wood, glass, or granite. But do quartz countertops boost house value? Yes! This is why. How Much Value Does Granite Countertops Add To Home Initial cost With rates ranging from $60 to $100 per square foot and beyond, quartz represents a wonderful deal when compared to other materials such as marble ($75 to $250 per square foot), which does not retain its beauty for nearly as long. The precise value quartz contributes is difficult to determine, but a well-maintained quartz countertop will never detract from the market value of your property.

  • Do not place hot items on the countertop.
  • Regularly clean the countertop with mild soapy water.
  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible to prevent discoloration.
  • Using an oil-based cleanser, remove permanent ink or markers.
  • When slicing or dicing food, place a cutting board on the countertops.
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405 Midday How Much Value Does Granite Countertops Add To Home Market value The global market for quartz is expected to reach $13.61 billion by 2026, a 4% increase from 2019. The worth of your property will grow dramatically if the surfaces are properly maintained as the price of quartz rises. Quartz tiles and surfaces account for a significant portion of the global market.

Even if the price of the property is slightly greater, purchasers are likely to choose residences with quartz countertops over those with countertops made from other materials. Simple maintenance Quartz countertops are extremely low-maintenance compared to other premium materials such as marble and granite.

Quartz is favored by homebuyers because it allows them to achieve a stunning countertop with less effort. Timeless charm Due to its natural beauty and durability, quartz is favored by homebuyers and has a unique aesthetic compared to other countertop materials. How Much Value Does Granite Countertops Add To Home

  • Potential buyers like properties that are move-in ready. If a buyer intends to rebuild the entire property, they will not choose a more costly home if the countertops will be replaced during the renovation.
  • The quartz countertops complement the aesthetic of your property. If your selection of quartz countertops does not complement the rest of the home’s decor, a buyer will likely not pay a premium for them since they will need to upgrade.

Color selection. While you can choose strong and brilliant hues for your quartz countertops, they may hinder your ability to sell your property. Neutral hues will boost the return on investment for the countertops by attracting more customers. The most popular countertop colors are neutral hues that complement a variety of design types, such as:

  • For a timeless, classic appearance, white is the best option.
  • Brown: Brown matches nearly everything. This makes the property desirable to homebuyers.
  • Beige: As a neutral hue, beige is a popular choice for kitchen counters.
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Black: Black is a sophisticated take on quartz that complements a variety of design styles. How Much Value Does Granite Countertops Add To Home 406 Clearskies Additional elements affecting the value of your home:

  • Even though tastes for finishing vary, excellent finishes will always increase the value of your property. For example, homebuyers are frequently interested in light fixtures, appliance brands, cabinet hardware, and appliance brands. If you want to increase the value of your property with quartz countertops, verify that all of your home’s fixtures are priced appropriately.
  • Renovations: The frequency with which you perform renovations and routine maintenance will also impact the value of your house. Ensure that you account any substantial upgrades when assessing the value of your house. For example, a kitchen or garage remodel should yield a higher return.
  • Quartz countertops may raise the value of your property, but if the home’s overall condition is bad, the value will decline. Regardless of the interior finishes or location, a run-down, decaying property will not command a high selling price.

Renovation potential: A homebuyer may not acquire a house if the kind of modifications they can perform are limited. Bottom line Quartz countertops may raise the value of a property, but only if both the countertops and the rest of the home are in excellent shape. Maintain your investment to safeguard it.

Do Customers Prefer Granite or Quartz Countertops?

Pricing in the Market – Granite has a better resale value than quartz in general. According to Robert Measer of Hunt Real Estate, granite may boost the value of a property by up to 25 percent of the countertop’s retail price. Granite may indicate to lenders that a house is of excellent quality and worth investing in, but installing new countertops does not guarantee a greater resale value.