How To Clean Birkenstocks At Home?

How To Clean Birkenstocks At Home
Footbed Maintenance – CREDIT: Shutterstock/al1962 No one loves sweaty, black smudges underfoot. Wipe the footbed with a moist cloth every few weeks to maintain its appearance. If you’ve been walking in mud or damp grass, you should quickly wipe your shoes when you get home.

Thus, they will have sufficient time to dry before your next excursion. For stubborn stains, you should use a homemade cleaning solution of baking soda and water. Step one involves removing loose debris with a suede brush or a clean toothbrush. Step 2: Combine baking soda with water to produce a paste.

Step 3: Using a clean cloth or toothbrush (that has been rinsed between steps 1 and 2), scrape the paste into the footbed in a circular motion. Step 4: Allow the formula to sit overnight, then remove it with a moist towel in the morning. Step 5: Ensure that your shoes are thoroughly dry before repeating the process if stains remain.

What is the most effective technique to clean Birkenstocks?

BIRKENSTOCK Customer Support | BIRKENSTOCK Care Tips Cork footbeds and EVA soles, like many other materials used in footwear and textiles, can be destroyed by exposure to intense heat or severe temperatures. Do not keep your shoes exposed to direct sunlight for lengthy periods of time or in closed vehicles on hot days.

  1. Eep footwear from Birkenstock away from campfires, fireplaces, and indoor radiators.
  2. While we do provide water-friendly footwear, the majority of our models should not be submerged in water.
  3. Oversaturation might impair the sealant materials’ integrity.
  4. Additionally, it might alter the appearance and finish of the materials.
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If your shoes become wet, allow them to air-dry carefully, away from direct heat, before putting them away. On the exposed cork edge of Birkenstock sandals and clogs, a small coating of cork sealer is applied. This protects the cork and avoids its dehydration.

  • Apply a light application of Birkenstock Cork Sealer to protect the cork from the environment if it appears to be drying out.
  • Spray the whole footbed with Birkenstock Cleaner & Refresher and wipe away any moisture and grime with a towel to maintain the freshness of your footwear.
  • To restore the nap of suede and nubuck footbeds, brush them using a Nubuck/Suede brush.

Regularly apply Birkenstock Water & Stain Repellent on Leather, Suede, and Nubuck uppers to repel water and grime. Use a Nubuck/Suede brush to remove dirt and restore the nap on the uppers. For cleaning Birko-flor and birkibuc uppers, simply use a moist towel.

How to clean dirty Birkenstocks – There are several different solutions for cleaning smelly Birkenstocks. You may choose to use Birkenstock’s “Cleaner and Refresher” deodorizer. Simply wipe the shoes with a clean cloth and then remove them. If you are unsure about how to clean Birkenstocks with a strong odor, you might also attempt the teabag approach.

Simply lay two PG Tips or any other available teabags on the soles of the Birkenstocks. Check again after 24 hours have passed. If the odor has vanished, the task is complete. If not, wait a little bit longer. The secret with teabags is that they draw moisture from the shoe’s outside. This is such a handy strategy because moisture contributes to the growth of germs, which causes shoes to smell.

If you’re constantly cleaning your Birkenstocks, consider leaving teabags in them when you’re not wearing them to prevent odor from developing.

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Can baking soda be used to clean Birkenstocks?

Scrub Stained Areas Using Baking Soda and Water Simply add baking soda and water to produce a paste, then massage the paste into the shoe’s footbed with an old toothbrush until the entire footbed is coated. Your sandals will be considerably cleaner in the morning following an overnight soak and rinsing.

A source is: Although it is preferable to prevent lengthy exposure to rain and other moisture, Birkenstocks may get wet on occasion and still endure for years if cared for properly. Many of our clients believe that their Birkenstocks will be damaged if they get wet a few times in the rain, however this is not often the case.

If you are caught in the rain while wearing Birks, have no fear! Simply dry them in a shady location away from sources of heat. Inserting crumpled newspaper inside your clogs or shoes will help absorb excess moisture. Do not dry Birks in close proximity to a stove, fireplace, heater, or other heat source.

This might cause the soles to contract. Apply Birkenstock Stain and Water Repellent, included in the Deluxe Shoe Care Kit, once your Birks have dried.

Why do my feet smell with Birkenstocks?

If you use your Birkenstocks frequently, you should probably clean them frequently. If too much time passes between cleanings, these popular sandals will develop a little odor.