How To Clean House Plant Leaves?

How To Clean House Plant Leaves
You can use a dry microfiber cloth or a duster to dust the plant’s leaves. It’s simple to do: Just gently wipe the leaves individually with a soft microfiber cloth, and for a larger plant, use a duster. As a general practice, use the duster on your plant whenever you dust other areas of your home.

How do you clean the leaves of indoor plants?

– Wipe the leaves of plants with a moist towel. Soak your cloth (or sponge) in water and squeeze away the excess liquid. Support each leaf by placing one hand lightly below it, then wipe the top of the leaf, moving away from the stem, with the other hand.

Anyone who has ever left their home for a few weeks at a time knows that dust quickly accumulates on all surfaces, even houseplants. And when a fan, air conditioner, or window is opened, a particle of soil on lower leaves is virtually certain. Cleaning the leaves of your houseplants on a regular basis is essential, despite the fact that it may appear monotonous.

What is used to wash plant leaves?

Soap and water to clean plant leaves is a suggestion we wholeheartedly encourage! Cleaning plant leaves with a mix of mild soap and water is actually quite effective. Here’s how to proceed: First, spritz the leaves of your plant with distilled water and let it stay for about five minutes to release any dust or buildup.

  • Add one teaspoon of detergent-free soap, such as Dr.
  • Bronner’s pure organic castile soap, to half a gallon of distilled water.
  • Soak a microfiber cloth in the soap and water solution, and then carefully clean each leaf on both sides.
  • Do not brush the leaves vigorously or use your nails to scratch or scrape them, since this might destroy the leaf’s outer coat, causing it to dry out.
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Once all the leaves have been cleaned, rinse the plant in the shower or with a hose. You may want to tilt the plant to the side so the soapy water runs away from the soil rather than soaking in. (However, it’s okay if some seeps into the potting soil.) Do this every few months to maintain clean and healthy leaves!