How To Find Out How Much A Home Sold For?

How To Find Out How Much A Home Sold For
Which property website should I choose? You should investigate many real estate websites. Most real estate websites have either an address lookup tool or a map with neighborhood zooming capabilities. Common websites include,, Zillow, and Trulia.

How do I determine the selling price of a property in British Columbia?

How can I sign up? – All BC OnLine subscribers have access to the BC Assessment database. The cost of the search will be determined by the level of detail required (i.e., the report level chosen by the user). Call BC OnLine’s provincial toll-free number, 1-800-663-6102, to receive your registration packet.

Can anybody conduct a title search in British Columbia?

Regarding Land Title Searches – The current registered owners of a property are detailed on the title or State of Title Certificate. A title does not include a phone number, and the address listed may not be the property’s municipal address. To read the contents of a title, you must obtain a copy from British Columbia’s public land title record for a charge.

  1. Please engage a registration agent to assist you with this investigation if you desire to determine a property’s chain of ownership.
  2. If you want to look for a title by name, you may also desire to consider hiring an expert for assistance.
  3. Please note that searching by name returns the name exactly as it appeared on the title.

Due to the differences of names and how they are registered, especially for businesses, searching using this approach can be costly and complicated.

How To Find Out How Much A Home Sold For People in Ontario who are seeking to purchase a house now have access to a lot of new information, but the same data is not readily available in Alberta, at least not in the same way. Numerous websites now provide potential homebuyers in Toronto with quick access to the actual selling prices of recently-transferred houses, allowing them to adjust their own offers on comparable homes.

Earlier this month, a federal court ruled that the Toronto Real Estate Board could no longer prohibit its members from disseminating sale price data in bulk. In the Toronto region, services such as HouseSigma and MongoHouse provide sale-price data, but no equivalent websites exist in Alberta, and it is unclear why.

HouseSigma is one of a number of internet mapping applications that currently give information on property prices in the Toronto region. ( When questioned this week if it restricts its members in the same manner as the Toronto Real Estate Board, the Calgary Real Estate Board declined to respond.

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As a provincial organisation, the Alberta Real Estate Association also declined to comment on the court’s ruling, stating that the maintenance of sales data is beyond its authority. Individual realtors in Alberta have access to the selling prices of homes and will look them up for clients upon request; some of them even publish part of this data online.

However, there are no user-friendly internet maps comparable to those in Ontario. Jeff Kahane, a real estate attorney based in Calgary, said he understood why real estate boards would wish to keep certain data private, such as the personal information of clients or the value of rejected bids.

He observed, however, that the ultimate transaction price of a property is a subject of public record. “In Alberta, if someone wants to know how much a house cost, all they have to do is get the land title,” he added. However, obtaining a copy of a land title requires payment, making the information less accessible than in Ontario.

However, it is possible to obtain at least some land-title information for free. However, be advised that it is not very simple.

How can I determine the selling price of a home in Montreal?

Online. Utilize our web tool to research local property sales. Enter your building’s details first, then pick ‘View sales’ in the upper right area of your screen.