What Can Cause A House To Be Condemned?

What Can Cause A House To Be Condemned
What might lead to a home’s condemnation?

  • Infrastructure failure.
  • Weather-related structural destruction.
  • Unsanitary circumstances of life.
  • Black mold is present.
  • Termite damage.
  • Unsafe construction materials
  • Fire and water damage.

How can one become condemned?

Why Would a Residence Be Condemned? Typically, a house is condemned due to persistent housing code infractions concerning the structure’s safety. After a given period of time, an abandoned home may constitute a safety issue. However, abandoned properties do not always result in their condemnation.

  1. When a homeowner decides to modify a home, an inspector may subsequently discover one or more major infractions.
  2. Permits may be missing or incorrectly displayed.
  3. It may not be up to code, or an inspector could judge the circumstances hazardous.
  4. There are further causes of property condemnation.
  5. Some homes are deemed unfit for habitation owing to unsanitary living conditions.

This might occur if the plumbing is broken or if the residence is allowed to get so cluttered that it attracts pests. In addition to the presence of black mold and major structural damage, houses may be deemed unfit for habitation if they have been afflicted by either condition.

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