How To Use Learning Curve In A Sentence?

  • Learning Curve used in several examples of a statement The learning curve won’t be as high for our new computer systems because they are very comparable to the ones we previously used.
  • When a football player moves from the safety position to the quarterback position, they face a significant learning curve.
  • I did not do well on one of the challenging exams, but my instructor assures me that this is a normal part of the progression of learning in a challenging course.

Sentence examples including the term ″learning curve″ learning curve

  1. The beginning stages were characterized by a high learning curve
  2. That was the most significant learning curve I’ve ever had to go through, and I really hope it’s the only one I have to go through in rugby
  3. There is going to be a high learning curve for the employee owners of the new mutuals

What is a learning curve?

The amount of time required to become proficient in an idea is referred to as the learning curve. It is less of a chart or any other visual representation of learning and more of a concept.

What is a complex sentence with a learning curve?

There must be at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause in each complicated statement that includes the phrase ″learning curve.″ The subject (who or whose), the sequence or time (since or while), or the causative factors (because or if) of the independent clause can be referred to by dependent clauses.

What does steep learning curve mean?

A ″steep learning curve″ is a term that is commonly used to describe the process of acquiring new knowledge or skills. The phrase ″steep learning curve″ typically has the connotations that something is going to be particularly difficult to learn or to master. This is because a ″steep learning curve″ refers to a learning curve that is steeper than average.

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What is the learning curve for each musical instrument?

The learning curve for playing any given musical instrument is directly proportional to the variety of control options available for that instrument. The steep learning curve that was necessary for students to properly utilize the program could not be completed within the time constraints of this project, hence it was impossible for them to participate.

What is learning curve in a sentence?

A learning curve refers to the process through which individuals improve a skill by gaining knowledge from their past blunders. A steep learning curve denotes a process of acquiring knowledge in a relatively short amount of time. They are progressing at a rapid rate of learning.

What is another way to say learning curve?

Graph, graphical record, and graphical recording all refer to the same thing.

What are examples of learning curves?

  • A quantifiable activity, such as a manufacturing worker learning to run a new equipment that requires specified, repeated actions, is an example of where a learning curve might be applied.
  • Another example of where a learning curve can be implemented is in the medical field.
  • As the worker continues to practice utilizing the equipment in accordance with the prescribed instructions, he improves both his speed and his level of expertise in doing so.

How do you use curve in a sentence?

Example(s) of the word ″Curve″ in a phrase

  1. After leaving her jaw, his finger gently followed the natural slope of her neck
  2. The abrupt turn occurred before she could recall having seen it
  3. The little black dress that she wore was so well tailored that it hugged her body like a second skin, highlighting every curve, dip, and nook of her figure
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What is your learning curve?

Key Takeaways. The learning curve is a graph that illustrates how long it takes to become proficient in a new skill or absorb new information. In the world of business, the slope of the learning curve is a representation of the rate at which the acquisition of new skills leads to cost reductions for an organization.

What is a learning curve meaning?

The meaning of the term ″learning curve″ 1 : a graph showing a drop in unit expenses with cumulative production in particular : a curve that plots performance versus practice 2: the path followed in the process of becoming more knowledgeable about something

What is high learning curve?

The initial difficulty of learning anything that is believed to be particularly demanding is sometimes referred to as having a ″steep learning curve,″ which is an idiom that is frequently used in informal conversation to characterize the difficulty.

What’s another word for learning experience?

What are some synonyms for the concept of learning experience?

life lesson lesson
knowledge gained lesson drawn
aha moment learning moment
valuable experience valuable lesson
lesson learnedUS enlightenment

What word means to build knowledge?

A popular word that most frequently refers to the process of acquiring new information is ″learning.″

What are the main uses of learning curve?

A graphical depiction of the pace of learning as it relates to repeated experiences or to the passage of time is referred to as the learning curve. It illustrates how an increase in learning may occur as a result of gaining more experience. A better understanding of production, efficiency, cost, and experience may be gained by examining the learning curve.

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Is it learning curb or learning curve?

You don’t curve your excitement; rather, you limit it, just like you would your appetite or your hunger. It’s not a learning curb; rather, it’s a learning curve (often sometimes called a bell curve). In a similar vein, while you are in the lead, you are not yet ahead of the curb; rather, you are ahead of the curve.

What is the meaning of curve?

The IS curve illustrates various combinations of interest rates and levels of production along which the goods market is in equilibrium. Alternatively, the IS curve shows combinations of interest rates and levels of output in such a way that projected expenditure matches income.

Would you curve me meaning?

To ″reject″ someone is to ″curve″ them, which is to steer away from their love desires and approaches in a way that is indirect and non-confrontational. Curving someone is synonymous with ″rejecting″ someone.

What is this word curve?

Curves, curving, and curved are some of the word forms available for ″curve.″ countable noun. A line that is curved is one that is smooth and gradually bends; an example of this would be a portion of the perimeter of a circle.