Who Sells Ethanol Free Gas In Ontario?

In Ontario, there are 346 Pure Gas Stations.

City Brand Phone
Almonte ULTRAMAR 613-256-1123
Amherstburg CANADIAN TIRE 519-736-2040
Amherstburg PETRO POWER 519-566-4980
Ancaster COSTCO 905-304-0344

What gas in Ontario is ethanol free?

Dan McTeague, a well-known petroleum expert, asserts that both Shell and Esso 91 do not contain any ethanol. [UPDATE: Chevron adds on its website that beginning of 2022, their Supreme Plus 94 Octane fuel will be ethanol-free in certain regions in Canada. The information is relevant to the year 2022.

Is Costco gas in Canada ethanol free?

It is of the highest quality, and they do not mix any ethanol into their premium 91 octane gas. The volume of ethanol in regular petrol amounts to 10 percent. That sums it up well. The Costco website states that ″regular petrol is 10 percent ethanol by volume.″

Is Esso fuel ethanol free?

  1. Ethanol may make up as much as 5 percent of the volume of E5 gasoline, while it can make up as much as 10 percent in E10 gasoline.
  2. However, the Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 E5 gasoline has a double dosage of additive to help clean, protect, and improve your car’s engine.
  3. All of Esso’s Synergy fuels have additives to help clean, protect, and enhance your car’s engine.
  4. There may be as much as 5 percent ethanol included in Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99.

Does Shell gas contain ethanol in Canada?

At this time, there is no ethanol included in any bottles of Shell V-Power sold in Canada. Both the regular grade and the V-Power kind sold in the state of Washington would have 10% ethanol content. According to the corporation, its refineries in Canada take additional precautions to prevent water contamination and phase separation in fuel that contains ethanol.

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Does Petro Canada 94 octane contain ethanol?

To answer your question, the answer is yes; all of our grades of gas, including our Ultra 94 high octane gasoline, have a maximum ethanol level of 10%.

What fuel in Canada has no ethanol?

According to the website for Pure Gas, Esso is no longer free of ethanol. Shell 91 and Canadian Tire 91 do not contain any ethanol across the country. The Costco Ontario 91 does not contain any ethanol.

How much ethanol is in Esso premium gas?

The current formulation of our SynergyTM gasoline includes up to 10 percent. E10 is the name given to gasoline that contains 10 percent ethanol, and E15 is the name given to gasoline that contains 15 percent ethanol.

Does Shell V-Power contain ethanol?

You can use Shell V-Power gasoline, which has an ethanol content that is no higher than 5 percent at most. After the implementation of E10, Shell V-Power will still be offered at the majority of our service stations; however, you will need to check the label before each fill-up to ensure that it is still being offered.

Does Husky gas have ethanol?

Does petrol from Husky include any ethanol? Yes, in order to comply with federal and provincial standards, ethanol must be mixed in with gasoline. In order to remain in conformity with these standards, the ethanol percentage of Husky gasoline may reach a maximum of 10 percent.

What petrol does not contain ethanol?

Aspen does not contain ethanol The ethanol in the gasoline pulls moisture from the air, which causes the fuel in the tank to become acidic.

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Does super unleaded gas contain ethanol?

The octane rating of unleaded gasoline can range from 85 to 87, depending on the laws in each individual state. Leaded gasoline has an octane rating of 91. This product is authorized for use by all of the main automobile manufacturers despite having ethanol concentrations of up to 10%. In the states of Iowa and Nebraska, the label for this product reads ″super-unleaded.″

Does Esso synergy Supreme+ contain ethanol?

In comparison, our ordinary Synergy unleaded includes 10 percent ethanol whereas Synergy Supreme+ 99 contains up to 5 percent ethanol by volume.

Does Chevron 94 have ethanol?

In order for Chevron gasolines to conform to British Columbia’s Renewable Fuel Standard, they may include as much as 10 percent ethanol. There are no ethanol additives in the Chevron Supreme Plus, 94 octane gasoline that is sold at any of the Chevron stations in British Columbia.

Does Ultramar 91 contain ethanol?

Except for the provinces of Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick, which all have 91 octane fuel that does not include ethanol, all areas have up to 10 percent ethanol content in their 91 octane fuel. This is the case in all other regions.

Does Shell 91 octane have ethanol?

Under their respective brand names, every single gasoline brand sells both unleaded and gasoline blended with ethanol. For instance, the octane rating of Shell V-Power can range from 91 to 93 both with and without the addition of ethanol. It just differs from station to station, and it is up to the proprietor of the station to decide whether or not to offer unadulterated gasoline.