How Many Hours Can A 14 Year Old Work In Florida?

In the state of Florida, teenagers who want to work must produce evidence of their age but are not required to get a child labor certificate. There, 14- and 15-year-olds are permitted to work up to 15 hours a week; however, they cannot start working before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m., and they cannot work more than three hours on school days that are followed by another school day.

How many hours can a 14 year old work in a day?

  1. On school days, a child who is 14 years old is not permitted to work in any of the following ways: during school hours; before or after school hours; for more than two hours each day; or for more than 12 hours in any given school week.
  2. A child who is 14 years old is not permitted to work for more than 25 hours in any given week or for more than four hours in any given day without a break of at least one hour during the holiday season.

Can a 14 year old get a job in Florida?

Youths who are 14 and 15 years old are permitted to work in a wide variety of occupations; however, there are severe restrictions on the amount of hours that they are permitted to work each day and each week, particularly when school is in session. A child cannot legally hold a job in the state of Florida if they are less than 13 years old, with some exceptions.

How many hours can a 16 year old legally work in Florida?

  1. Hours Teenagers can legally participate in the labor market.
  2. They are permitted to work a maximum of eight hours on a day when they do not have school, and a total of forty hours throughout the week when they do not have school.
  3. They are permitted to work more hours, however, if they are participating in a work-study program via the Department of Labor or a state-sponsored career exploration program.
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This is the only exemption to this rule.Finally,

How many hours can a 17 year old work in Indiana?

  1. Indiana.
  2. 8–40 school day/week: 3–18 c.
  3. Minors aged 16 and 17 who are enrolled in school are not permitted to work for more than nine hours in any given day, 40 hours in any given school week, 48 hours in any given non-school week, and six days in any given week.

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