Savannah Iloilo by Camella Homes of Vista Land in Oton, Pavia and San Miguel, Iloilo, Philippines

Savannah Iloilo is a real estate development project of Camella Homes Iloilo, a proud subsidiary of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc., one of the country’s largest home builders.
This sprawling 300-hectare first-class estate is located across three towns or municipalities in Iloilo – Oton, Pavia and San Miguel. It is just around 15 minutes away from the Iloilo International Airport.Savannah Iloilo is considered as the largest and most successful master-planned community in Western Visayas.

It is inspired by the largest and most picturesque colonial city of the State of Georgia in the United States.

Savannah Iloilo is a community within a bigger community, with designated areas for a school, a commercial area, areas for the amenities, tree parks, pocket gardens and children’s playground within each of the subdivisions or communites, and provisions for basic utilities such as electricity and water supply.

It was conceptualized as a master planned community. With the help of Arch. Felino Palafox, Jr. and Associates, Savannah Iloilo was designed to be a complete and self sustaining community in the future, the first of its kind as a subdivision real estate development in Iloilo.

The homeowners, visitors and guests are warmly and grandly welcomed by its impressive and unique main entrance highlighted by the monumental and majestic Victorian styled tower. One can also enjoy looking at the play of colors of its surrounding landscapes meticulously designed and implemented by the famous landscape designer Arch. Francisco del Velasco.
Savannah Iloilo is surprisingly the fastest growing and thriving community with more than 500 residents living and enjoying their quiet life. The buyers and homeowners are currently enjoying the many services and amenities provided by Camella Homes and Vista Land and various entities, some of these are being offered only in Savannah Iloilo.

Amenities at Savannah Iloilo:

  • Sports facilities
  • Clubhouse
  • Precision golf course
  • Learning institution
  • Parks
  • Church
  • Exclusive residential enclaves
  • Commercial and lifestyle centers
  • Street lights
  • Storm drainage system
  • Garbage collection service
  • Electrical and water supply
  • Savannah Iloilo card for the buyers and homeowners
  • Quality control group for its house construction
  • TV cable services provided by Cable Star and Dream
  • Telephone services and high speed internet services provided by Globelines
  • Centralized shuttle transport system to take care of vehicle needs of the residents
  • Strict security personnel to ensure peace, orderliness and tranquility within Savannah Iloilo
  • Savannah Iloilo ties-up with different business establishments for special discounts for Savannah Iloilo buyers and homeowners
  • Property management company to take care of needs of the residents and promote a harmonious relationship among the residents

Camella Homes Iloilo has more plans for the development of Savannah Iloilo and for its homeowners and buyers, continuing to raise the standard of subdivision development and lifestyle, a benchmark for the others. Four years hence, there will be more to see at Savannah Iloilo.

Savannah Iloilo is clearly poised to continue its dynamic-paced development, serving more families who want to be close to the city’s many attractions while enjoying the conveniences of a master planned residential subdivision.

It has 5 major enclaves catering to the diverse home requirements of the Ilonggos – Savannah Glen Iloilo for the affordable housing market, Savannah Trails Iloilo and  Savannah Glades Iloilo for the middle housing market, Savannah Crest Iloilo for the premium housing market and their latest addition, the Camella Home Series Iloilo.

Savannah Crest Iloilo

Savannah Crest Iloilo is the 4th subdivision of Savannah Iloilo. It caters to the high-end segment of the market. As such, the look and design of the houses and the overall ambiance and concept of this subdivision are envisioned differently compared to the other subdivisions of Savannah Iloilo.

This extraordinary guard-gated community offers the best of a country lifestyle that depicts exclusivity, privacy and tranquility of cozy village setting. A long relaxing drive, welcomed at its entry by a man-made water park, meanders through the tree-lined wide avenue and streets leading to the threshold of each of the elegant homes.

The man-made lagoon offers a unique entry to this community where the residents can spend time with their family. Behind the lagoon is the Victorian colonial-inspired clubhouse where the residents can commune or simply pass the time and enjoy the park-like grounds with a perfect view of the setting sun behind the mountain ranges of Antique.

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Savannah Glades Iloilo

Four years ago, Camella Homes Iloilo under Vista Land, the leading nationwide master planned developer, made a daring and bold move when it launched its 17th subdivision project in Oton, Iloilo, known as Savannah Glades Iloilo.
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Savannah Glen Iloilo

Stop dreaming about owning your own home. With Savannah Glen which is located in Jibao-an, Pavia, Iloilo, your dream home can finally become reality since it offers affordable homes.
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Savannah Trails Iloilo

The life you’ve always looked forward to awaits you here in the scenic grasslands of Polo, Maestra Vita, Oton. Accessible through Jibao-an, Pavia, Savannah Trails Iloilo spans 30 hectares of the refreshing countryside.
Offering the luxury of space, Savannah Trails Iloilo homes are ideal for just about any activity with your family. Rest and relax in your spacious bedroom. Spend time with your family in the spacious living area. Or get together with friends in the dining area.
With the generous space in its homes, Savannah Trails Iloilo helps fulfill the promise of a better life.
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Camella Home Series Iloilo

Camella Home Series Iloilo redefines a home to mean a residence that exceeds expectations. Beautiful homes, efficient amenities, endless views and extraordinary values. These mark the difference between a home and a Camella home.
For more information and to view photos of Camella Home Series Iloilo’s model houses and interiors, visit Camella Home Series Iloilo.