How Can A Possum Get In Your House?

How Can A Possum Get In Your House
Opossum in the home – Opossums are inquisitive creatures with poor vision. A door or window that is left open may let an opossum inside your home. Amid Seattle’s forested neighborhoods, houses are built in opossum habitat and are close enough to provide enticing shelters. Especially if your dogs have a “doggie door,” an opossum may make its way inside your home.

What attracts possums to your residence?

Opossums are scavengers and will consume almost anything. They are drawn to overflowing or odorous garbage cans, unprotected compost piles, and other outdoor containers. They like to establish their homes near water or damp regions. If you reside next to a pond, drainage ditch, or sewer, opossums are more likely to inhabit your property. How Can A Possum Get In Your House Available the Next Day Free of Charge Evaluation Results Guaranteed Due to their size and activity, it is likely that you will hear the indicators of an opossum infestation before you see them. Opossums are known to scrape and create hissing and shrieking sounds when searching for food.
If an opossum enters your attic and becomes trapped, it may attempt to escape by chewing through the wall, air ducts, or insulation. While looking for food, opossums create a tremendous mess in the garden. If you have a garden, you must safeguard it with a fence designed to exclude opossums; otherwise, it might become a breeding ground for opossums and other pests. How Can A Possum Get In Your House

How can I distinguish between a rat and a possum?

Sounds – Possums and rats produce sounds that are vastly distinct from one another. As their claws tip-tap across your roof’s attic space, rats produce a scuttering sound. Possums are often bigger and noisier than other animals. Sounds of running and scratching emanating from your roof are a strong sign of a possum infestation.