How Can I Stop My Ex From Coming To My House?

How Can I Stop My Ex From Coming To My House
If your ex-partner is threatening, aggressive, or abusive, you may need to prevent them from returning to your house as soon as possible to ensure your safety. You ought to apply for: ‘non-molestation order’ to prevent your ex-partner from harming you or your children ‘occupation order’ to allow you the right to remain in your house and prevent your ex-partner from returning This protection is available whether you are married, in a civil partnership, or just living together.

Can my ex-spouse enter my home?

After we’ve separated, is it trespassing for my ex to enter the house? Yes. If you are officially separated, your ex cannot seek access to your residence or the marital residence. If the likelihood of this “domestic trespass” is high, it would be prudent to replace your locks.
Controlling Who Is Around Your Child – You may or may not be able to prevent the significant other of the other parent from being around your child. When your kid is with the other parent, you often do not have the authority to decide which individuals are there.

Does my ex-spouse have to pay a portion of the mortgage in the UK?

What Happens to a Joint Mortgage Upon Separation or Divorce? The mortgage is unaffected by a divorce or separation. It doesn’t change. All parties on a joint mortgage are jointly and severally responsible for making the entire monthly principal and interest payments, regardless of who resides in the property or any personal arrangements between borrowers.

Can my ex-wife simply enter my home?

Can a separated spouse return to the residence? Access to the marital residence upon divorce can be a controversial matter. Typically, a separated spouse retains the right to access the marital residence. However, if domestic violence has occurred, it may be feasible to restrict this privilege by requesting a court order to prevent a spouse or partner from accessing the family home.