How Much Do You Win For Home Run Derby?

How Much Do You Win For Home Run Derby

How much do winners of the Home Run Derby receive?

The 2022 Home Run Derby, part of MLB All-Star Week, was held on Monday at Dodger Stadium. Juan Soto beat Julio Rodriguez in the finals and won $1 million of the $2.5 million prize money. Rodrguez had the overall advantage in the contest, 81-53, but Soto outlasted him when it counted, winning 19-18 in the final round.

How far is the longest home run ever hit? Here is the farthest home run ever recorded in the history of professional baseball. Joey Meyer, a player with the Triple-A Denver Zephyrs in 1987, fired this ball a remarkable 582 FEET!

Is the Home Run Derby chain made of genuine gold?

The winner of the MLB Home Run Derby will get a flashy chain with 525 Swarovski crystals. The victor of the MLB Home Run Derby in 2022 will take home more than just bragging rights. According to information obtained by TMZ Sports, they will also receive a unique necklace and pendant with the words “Derby Champ” set in 525 Gypsy-set Swarovski crystals.

The necklace, which was reportedly hand-made in NYC by jewelers Xavier Murillo and John Luongo, will reportedly be given to the player who hits the most home runs on Monday night by MLB. The chain is platinum-plated, 25 inches long (and may be extended to 29 lengths), and set with 650 cubic zirconia.

The crown has an 18-karat gold plating and a 5-prong set Emerald cut Lab-Grown Diamond on top of a baseball pattern.