How Much To Tint Home Windows?

How Much To Tint Home Windows
How Much To Tint Home Windows Let’s discuss the other aspects that determine the price of residential window tinting, such as window height and design. – Size of Windows: If you have lofty ceilings in your house and want them tinted because they may let in too much sunshine, heat, or you want more privacy, the cost per square foot may increase by $.50 to $1.00 owing to the increased danger and complexity of installing window film on those windows.

  1. Moreover, if the windows are too high for a ladder, there will be additional expenditures for equipment such as a man lift or scissor lift to safely reach the windows and install the window film with little mistake.
  2. Another consideration is if the windows are half-moon shaped.
  3. These windows cannot be pre-cut prior to installation, and cutting the circular form without leaving significant light gaps requires a great deal of expertise and precision.

Installation of these windows often costs an additional $1 per square foot. Based on our experience tinting hundreds of residential windows, the average cost per square foot is $6. Depending on the aforementioned variables, the cost to tint your home’s windows may be greater; still, $6 per square foot is a fair budgetary estimate.

  • After considering all the elements outlined for your particular House window tinting job, we are certain that you will have a very accurate estimate of the cost of tinting your home windows.
  • If you would like an accurate quote for your home window tinting project over the phone or in person, please contact us at (832) 205-4685 or fill out our online contact form and we would be pleased to give you with a FREE estimate.
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If you are unsure about the window film material to use for your particular house window tinting job, we provide free window film samples and will even install them if your home is located in the Houston, TX region or nearby. (There is NO cost associated with this sample) How Much To Tint Home Windows

How much does window tinting cost in Australia?

Expenses in Australia

State Average Reported Window Tinting Costs
New South Wales $50 per square metre
Victoria $70 per square metre
Queensland $50 per square metre

Is it wise to tint residential windows?

Do Tinted Windows Reduce Heat? – The quick answer is yes! In the summer, tinted windows can help keep your home cooler and reduce your energy cost. There are several forms of residential window tint. Some are for aesthetic purposes, others provide seclusion, and still others assist to keep the home cool.

  1. To notice a difference, select the proper type of window tint for homes.
  2. The greatest answer is to tint your home’s windows for thermal efficiency.
  3. This style of tent prevents the sun’s rays from scorching your home’s inside.
  4. Even if your home has a large number of windows, energy-efficient window tint is affordable.

See how much cooler your house can be if you apply the color properly.