How To Mix Patterns Interior Design?

How To Mix Patterns Interior Design
8 Tips for Mixing Patterns in Interior Design

  1. Incorporate different sizes. When you mix patterns, make sure they’re not all the same size.
  2. Use similar colors.
  3. Blend simple and complex patterns together.
  4. Choose a few.
  5. Provide contrast.
  6. Create a visual balance.
  7. Careful with prints.
  8. Know what doesn’t go.

How are interior patterns combined?

Combine Small, Medium, and Large Scale Patterns – Combining patterns of varying sizes can assist to create harmony throughout your interior. A good rule of thumb is to concentrate on a single large-scale design, so the room’s focal point is evident. Then, incorporate smaller patterns into the room by placing pillows and rugs in the empty spaces.

Choose Patterns with Similar Color Intensities The lower a color’s saturation, the closer it looks to grey. The more saturated a color is, the brighter and more vivid it will appear. Low-intensity colors can be overpowered and drowned out by colors with a high intensity.

Consequently, it is advisable to select patterns with comparable saturation levels, such as three pastels, three dark hues, or three bright colors. Even if you are mixing patterns, you may create a dramatic and diverse impression by combining stripes, polka dots, and flowers with comparable color saturation.

It’s time to begin implementing the designs you’ve picked into your room! There are endless ways to combine your favorite prints, such as wallpaper, upholstery, carpets, pillows, artwork, and tapestries.

Can you combine different patterns?

Layering patterns with different sizes is one of the easiest methods to combine patterns. By pairing a small-scale print with a large-scale design, the small-scale print can function as a neutral. Thus, a skirt with a little floral design can be worn with a plaid flannel with a huge pattern for a grunge effect.

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Balance is an interior design element that visually stabilizes a space. Balance is defined as the harmonic arrangement of components; it guarantees that no single element in a space is visually heavier or more dominant than another.

Can plaid and polka dots be combined?

Polka Dot Mixing Outfit Concepts – When I returned from the Alt Summit, was anxiously awaiting my arrival (along with a very untamed inbox). Over the past several weeks, I’ve had so much fun styling it that I couldn’t showcase just one look. Now, I’m not an expert at pattern mixing, and I’m still very cautious when it comes to this trend, but merging black and white stripes with polka dots is something I can get behind.

  1. I’ve put up five styles, and if you go to the bottom, you’ll find basic pattern mixing advice.
  2. And for your own good, please do not get this polka-dot shirt in a size small unless you are a doll or have no desire to move your arms (I should have ordered a M).
  3. Combine polka dots with a traditional design such as gingham or checks.

I wore black leggings and thick black boots so that nothing else would be distracting. / skirt: (option) / / Important to note when blending patterns is to choose patterns of varying scales. When pairing polka dots with polka dots, I ensured that the sizes of the dots varied.

I believe this combination works so well since the skirt’s design is so little. / skirt: Anne Klein (similar) / / / This skirt’s modest design makes it nearly solid and easy to blend with other patterns. The skirt contains a small amount of red, so it was enjoyable to add the accent hue. This combination is a wonderful way to wear patterns to the office or a less fashionable setting.

If you want to wear polka dots with plaid or polka dots with stripes, simply pay attention to the proportions of the patterns and combine a smaller design with a larger one. / skirt: thrifted / / Remember me wearing this skirt? Well, I liked it so much that I returned it.

In contrast to the first dot-on-dot combination, the shirt here has the smaller print. The bigger design on the skirt in the same color scheme created a natural pairing, and I maintained the black and white motif with a playful striped belt. This pencil skirt’s textured lace almost qualifies as a pattern to combine with the polka dots, but I opted for zebra heels.

Placing the neutral between the polka dots and stripes creates an easy, put-together, and playful ensemble. If you’re uncomfortable combining patterns, keep your second pattern in a smaller accessory, such as a belt or a pair of heels.5 Ways / Mixing Patterns with Polka Dots