Where Are Interior Define Sofas Made?

Where Are Interior Define Sofas Made

Is Interior define produced in China?

CHICAGO – Interior Define, a six-month-old online, made-to-order furniture firm, is turning heads in the finance world and may be close to receiving an extra $1 million in venture capital investment. China-made, custom-upholstered furniture orders are uncommonly efficiently managed by this business.

  • Monthly revenues have climbed by 20 to 25 percent since the company’s inception.
  • In April, the startup got $2.2 million in funding, including $1.5 million in Series A investment from Groupon and $200,000 from venture capital firm Peterson Partners.
  • Andy Dunn, one of its consultants, also founded Bonobos, a fashionable online men’s shop.

Customers may choose furniture samples and modify the product to their liking, from the fabric to the leg forms. For items with length-customization choices, consumers can modify the configuration’s size by 4 inches, raising or lowering it proportionally and equally across all portions of a couch, for instance.

  • According to reports, Interior Define employs 15 workers at a facility in China who collaborate with suppliers and other manufacturers to make final products for consumers.
  • It states that bespoke furniture takes 12 weeks from the time the order is placed until it is delivered by ship and delivered to the client’s house.

On the website, features such as kiln-dried wooden frames are highlighted. Interior Define has a brick-and-mortar store in Chicago’s hip Wicker Park area, while being mostly an internet business.

The direct-to-consumer brand, founded in 2014, established its first retail store in Chicago in 2015. While most retail operations have declined in recent years, Interior Define has not only witnessed a growth in in-store sales, but also in the number of its locations and the introduction of the Define Studio retail concept.

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Seattle saw the debut of the first Interior Define Studio in October 2021, followed by Dallas and Atlanta in late 2021, Charlotte, Austin, Williamsburg, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and Denver. A facility in Santa Monica is set to debut in 2022, with two additional facilities opening by the end of the year.

Interior Define expanded to fifteen permanent sites and a few pop-ups between 2020 and 2022, and expects to continue expanding until 2023. With the new Define Studio concept, the company has extended its retail footprint, choosing for around 5,000-square-foot premises, a 200 percent increase over the brand’s previous sites.

How often do sales occur at interior define?

Their whole line, including my two couches, is on sale for 15% off during Interior Define’s Annual Sale.