How To Pay For Toll Roads In Southern California?

Paying Tolls There are no physical toll booths on The Toll Roads; all tolls are collected electronically, and drivers do not need to pull over to make a payment. Tolls must be paid via the Toll Roads app or online at within five days before or after driving on The Toll Roads. This applies to both visitors and drivers who do not frequently use the roads.

How do I pay a one time toll in California?

One-Time Payment

  1. Visit and pay with a credit card to purchase your tickets online
  2. By using a credit card over the phone: Dial the toll-free number 1-877-229-8655 or the international number 415-486-8655
  3. In person with physical currency: Go to a location that accepts cash payments

How do I find out if I owe a toll in California?

You can also contact 877-229-8655 to inquire about any toll violation that may have occurred on toll highways, bridges, or express lanes in the state of California. Before you leave on your journey across California, use the FasTrak Toll Calculator to see how much money you will spend on tolls and gasoline.

What happens if you drive through a toll without paying in California?

You will receive a ticket in the mail demanding a penalty of $57.50 in addition to the cost of the unpaid toll if you do not pay the toll within the first five days after it has been assessed to you. In the event that you do not react to the notice of violation, the penalty will escalate to $100 in addition to the first unpaid toll.

Does Southern California have tolls?

The Toll Roads, also known as State Routes 73, 133, 241, and 261, are highlighted on the map. The State Route 73 Toll Road connects Interstate 405 in Costa Mesa to Interstate 5 on the boundary of Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo. This route is also known as the 73 Toll Road.

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How do I pay the toll on the 91 Freeway?

Tolls are paid by motorists by having them use a handy FasTrak® transponder, which automatically deducts the cost of the toll from a prepaid account. You can utilize a FasTrak® transponder that was provided by any of the toll operators in California, or you can receive one by creating an account with FasTrak.

Is FasTrak and toll roads the same?

All accounts for Toll Roads are now referred to as FasTrak accounts and customers are given sticker transponders.

How do I pay FasTrak?

How do I go about paying the fine for my violation?

  1. By the use of a credit card, either online or over the phone
  2. By sending a check or money order (payable to ″Bay Area FasTrak″) through the mail in the United States
  3. By using one of the hundreds of local establishments that accept cash payments. Locate the places
  4. At the physical point of sale located within the FasTrak Customer Service Center

How much do toll roads cost in California?

Depending on how often you use it, the price can range anywhere from $3 to $10 each day, in addition to any applicable tolls.

How do I pay a toll in San Diego?

  1. You have the following options: 1) make a payment for Pay-by-Plate using our website by clicking here; 2) make a payment for Pay-by-Plate using an envelope that is available at the automated cash machines and sent through mail; or 3) cancel your Pay-by-Plate account.
  2. 3) Make a payment for Pay-by-Plate by phoning the South Bay Expressway Customer Service Center at (619) 661-7070; 4) Visit the South Bay Expressway Customer Service Center in person.
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What happens if you use Express lane without FasTrak?

A violation notice will be issued to you if you utilize an express lane without having a valid FasTrak toll tag on your vehicle. The following is a schedule of the penalties for avoiding paying a toll: The initial warning was for a penalty of $25. Second (delinquent) notice issued: $70 ($25 penalty plus $45 late charge).

What happens if you don’t have a SunPass?

  1. In the event that you do not have a SunPass, your vehicle’s license plate will be photographed when it travels beneath the toll gantries at toll plazas.
  2. The registered owner of the car is the one who will get the bill for the tolls.
  3. If you pay for your tolls in this manner, however, you will be charged an additional 25 cents at each toll in addition to a monthly service charge that will likely be a few dollars.

Does E-ZPass work in California?

Because of the state’s expanding population and robust economy, EZPass is currently unavailable in California. This means that if you wish to go across California, you will need to use an other automated toll collecting method. As a result, it is highly recommended to conduct research on alternative automated toll collection systems that are currently operational inside the state.

How does FasTrak work?

FasTrak drivers attach a transponder to the windshield of their car, and when they drive through a tolling station, the toll is automatically withdrawn from their account using the form of payment that the driver has selected—charge, invoice, or prepaid—depending on their preference.

How much does FasTrak cost in California?

  1. Regardless of the kind of toll tag that you use, there are no costs associated with opening a FasTrak account or keeping it active.
  2. Imagine that your FasTrak account is a mini bank account that you may use to pay for tolls.
  3. Your account must always have a balance, and tolls will be withdrawn from your balance automatically each time a toll is collected.
  4. Your account must always have a balance.
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How much is the 91 Express Lane?

The fees for utilizing the toll lanes will range from $1.80 to $4.95, and they will be displayed on electronic message boards. The fees will vary depending on the time of day and the volume of traffic moving through the lanes.

How do I pay a missed toll in California?

  1. If you are the owner of record for the vehicle’s license plate and have received an invoice from FasTrak, you are eligible to start a FasTrak account so that you may make up for the missing tolls and get back on the road.
  2. We recommend that you contact FasaTrak at the following numbers: 1-877-BAY-TOLL or 1-877-229-8655 so that you may have a better understanding of the alternatives available to you.

How do I pay a Bay Bridge toll without an invoice?

The collection of cash payments has been discontinued at each of the eight toll bridges. There are four different methods available for paying bridge tolls, and they are as follows: FasTrak®, License Plate Account, One-Time Payment, and Invoice.

How do I pay a missed toll in San Diego?

Details on the Car You are welcome to utilize the Pay-by-Plate payment option that we provide on this website, as well as send, mail, or bring your money in person to our offices located at 1129 La Media Road, San Diego, California 92154, or phone 619-661-7070 during normal business hours.